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Full CPI Initial/Refresher Trainings

CPI Initial Trainings and Refreshers will be occurring through the FLEX Online Model for the 2020-2021 school year. 


All content for CPI Refreshers will be taught through an online course followed by a face to face training lasting no more than 30 minutes. 


Content for CPI Initials will also be taught through an online course followed by a half day training.


All questions and sign ups should be directed to Lyndy Szmara

( or extension 11506)


Below is the CPI yearly schedule per month:



Beginning of September  -

Columbia Elementary & C6GA Refresher Online


Beginning of October -

Fairview Elementary Refresher Online

Beginning of January -

Franklin Elementary Refresher Online

Beginning of February -

Landis Elementary Refresher Online

Beginning of March - 

LJHS and LHS Refresher Online 





Logansport Community School Corporation

Logansport Community Schools
Logansport Community Schools

Home of the Berries

A Message From the Director

Logansport Special Services is an important part of the Logansport Community School Corporation.  It evolved from the former LAJSSC into it's own division of Logansport School Corporation to bring knowledge and support to staff, parents and students within the community.  As Director of LSS, I have the chance to work beside remarkable and talented Superintendent, Administrators, and Educators who have dedicated their lives to education.  Every day gives me a unique opportunity to directly affect students’ with special needs by guiding and working beside each of these individuals.  This has truly been my passion since High School.  Starting out as a Special Education Teacher, and then as an Administrator, I have gained the necessary experience and perspective needed to be the Director of this specialized team.  One person is not more important than another, but each one individually brings their own expertise and opportunity to best meet the needs of all students. 

The LSS Administrative Team is also a vital part of making the services for special education students in this corporation what it is today.  This outstanding group has dedicated their careers to support equal and appropriate education for students with special needs. I couldn’t ask for a more positive and collaborative group of individuals to work with as a team to better serve students with disabilities.


All students have the right to an appropriate education. As the Director of LSS, I am dedicated to lead this corporation to ensure students with disabilities receive the same opportunity.

LSS Administrative Team:

Sharon Pelley

Lyndy Szmara

Becky Pear

Mistine Weisenburger

Sharon Pelley

Director of LSS